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We are a newly-found, friendly, and welcoming community fused together by the Warrior Cats series by Erin Hunter. We are a free and kid-friendly site, open to all ages and types. We have an organized system and board and we encourage you to check it all out!

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It's Newleaf! Frequent floods and storms and warm breezes reassure the Clans as the last of the icicles finally disappear. Be expectant of much rain, warm weather, and humid air!

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The Clans have new leaders and a new home after 6 moons of traveling! As they settle in, they're still suspicious of a very troubling prophecy recieved only 2 moons earlier; 'A new dawn may rise, but even the prettiest dawn is destroyed by day.'

Eternal Paws Warrior Code&&

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Eternal Paws Warrior Code&& Empty Eternal Paws Warrior Code&&

Post by Bluefur on Sat May 18, 2013 10:31 pm

Eternal Paws Warrior Code

1. Courtesy and Respect
Everybody, be it those superior in rank compared to you or not, deserves respect and kindness, so give them so. Even if they aren't particularly your most favorite person in the world, still attempt to show everyone here positivity. This includes avoiding mild drama or discussing/arguing with others about personal problems on Chat, PM, or post. If you wish to discuss personal issues with your friend, please deal with it elsewhere. Some cats here are here to escape the dramas of the real world for a little bit, so please do respect that.

2. No Swearing WHATSOEVER
This is a children's forum, therefore intense language may result in a younger member to feel uncomfortable. Please don't swear or even censor a swear in posts, PMs, or any on-site communication. Also, do NOT bypass or attempt to bypass any filters. There's a reason they're there.

3. Advertising IS permitted, however..
Advertising on the site is permitted. HOWEVER, you MUST read the Advertising Rules or your ad will immediately be removed from the forum!

4. NO Spamming
Every post must contain three words or more and have a meaningful reason for posting! Please, don't spam the forum with unnecessary posts!

Exclamation Posting on topics which were not posted on for a duration of 60 days is prohibited. Moderators are expected to clean out the topics older than 60 days and move them to the Junkyard.

Exclamation Double-posting is prohibited. If you would like to add to your original post, you can always 'Edit' it.

5. Maximum of 3 accounts
A maximum of three accounts are permitted. HOWEVER, they must be in separate Clans/groups, be 2 males and one female (this will change according to increase/decrease of a certain gender), and also not be related in any way (mates, siblings, etc.)

Exclamation EP Staff checks & secures IP addresses every day to ensure that people do not make more than three accounts.
Exclamation DO NOT deny that you and your other accounts are not affiliated. That causes confusion and basically has no point

6. Be Appropriate
NO mature/adult content. No flaming, harassing, profanity, personal attacks, racial, religious, ethnic, or other slurs. This rule especially is strictly enforced, therefore, your account will immediately be BANNED when you break this rule, no exemptions. Also, keep the content on the form PG. We have younger members and we want to be courteous on their behalf.

7. Please stay active!
Members who have not logged on for 4 months will be deleted UNLESS THEY GIVE A BEFOREHAND NOTIFICATION

8. NO Plagiarism!

No stealing any graphics or content on the site. PLEASE also refrain from stealing any ORIGINAL ideas such as, our layout, organization systems, battle points, etc. If you are a confirmed member and/or suspicious guest of a similar site you will be reported and any accounts and/or any members of your sites accounts that were registered on EP will be banned provided your identity is confirmed

Exclamation All bans are PERMANENT
Exclamation Red warning bars will not be able to be raised with Fresh-Kill; they are permanent unless deemed worthy
Exclamation You can raise your warning bar with Fresh-Kill
Exclamation Every new member is given a single exemption when they first break a rule, unless it is a major rule. After this warning, though, they will not be given an exception if they break another rule.

EP would like to note that we DO NOT give ANYONE exemptions from our policies, even the Staff members themselves. There are possible exemptions in specific cases, but Staff will handle that when the time arises. 

All rules are very simple to follow and should be easily understood. We expect that you should either ask a Staff member or reread the rules if any misunderstanding occurs. We DO NOT care for excuses; miscommunication is no excuse. EVERYONE is expected to understand and follow our policy. It is recommended, for your best and most enjoyable experience here, that you do so. Breaking them only results in less trust and social status. 


Green Bar - You have no warnings

Yellow Bar - You have one minor warning
Orange Bar - You have 2 minor warnings OR 1 moderate warning
Red Bar - You have one major warning, 2 moderate warnings, or 3 minor warnings

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Eternal Paws Warrior Code&& Empty Re: Eternal Paws Warrior Code&&

Post by Bluefur on Thu Mar 06, 2014 7:32 pm

UPDATE 3/06/14

Big rules change! We recommend reading through ALL of the rules and acquainting yourself with any new policies. PLEASE read carefully, as there is no excuse to misunderstanding the rules! Contact me if you have ant issues or concerns Smile
EP Administrator
EP Administrator

Fresh-Kill : 2659
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