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It's Newleaf! Frequent floods and storms and warm breezes reassure the Clans as the last of the icicles finally disappear. Be expectant of much rain, warm weather, and humid air!

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BriarFall Th10

The Clans have new leaders and a new home after 6 moons of traveling! As they settle in, they're still suspicious of a very troubling prophecy recieved only 2 moons earlier; 'A new dawn may rise, but even the prettiest dawn is destroyed by day.'


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BriarFall Empty BriarFall

Post by Heartofaleader on Sun May 04, 2014 1:42 am

Name: BriarFall

Age: 15 moons

Rank/Clan: Windclan/Warrior

Mate: NA

Family: NA

Appearance: Dark brown with speckled of peach across her back. Soft, silky, medium length fur. Bright blue eyes and a strong lean body.

Personality: Fierce, territorial, loyal, loving, Smart

Picture: NA

Weaknesses: Can be bossy, but everything in her nature could be a good and bad thing.

Strengths: Smart, Fast, but like said above, everything in her nature can be good and bad.

History: Was excepted into the clan from the life of a loner, and has heard rumors going around that she has a sibling in another clan, but after searching she came to conclusion that she didn't. At first it was hard for her, but gradually she was excepted in to the clan and worked very hard.

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