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We are a newly-found, friendly, and welcoming community fused together by the Warrior Cats series by Erin Hunter. We are a free and kid-friendly site, open to all ages and types. We have an organized system and board and we encourage you to check it all out!

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It's Newleaf! Frequent floods and storms and warm breezes reassure the Clans as the last of the icicles finally disappear. Be expectant of much rain, warm weather, and humid air!

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The Clans have new leaders and a new home after 6 moons of traveling! As they settle in, they're still suspicious of a very troubling prophecy recieved only 2 moons earlier; 'A new dawn may rise, but even the prettiest dawn is destroyed by day.'

Advertising Rules + Affiliations

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Advertising Rules + Affiliations Empty Advertising Rules + Affiliations

Post by Bluefur on Thu Mar 06, 2014 7:24 pm

1.) Your forum must also have an advertising section where we can link back to your site!

2.) Please be respectful to us and do not bash our site (i.g "Our site is way better than this", telling members not to join us)

3.) Advertising is ONLY permitted on THIS board. You will be permanently banned if you advertise any other place

4.) Please do not post any graphics in your ad

5.) One ad per person. Ads are deleted when they have been up for a month. If you wish to bump and remake ads after the cleanouts, you must be an ACTIVE member to be granted permission. If you are a guest and you make another ad after your previous one is deleted your IP(s) will be banned from the site and any other ads for THAT SITE are posted, reguardless of who it is, that site cannot be advertised here. Please note, this only applies for one site. You can have a max of 2 ads for two different sites at a time

6.) For members, obviously this is optional, but, it would be very appreciated if you advertised for us!

If you wish to affiliate with us, please make an account and contact us. You MUST stay at least a little active on our site to be an affiliate. We will do the same for you. The site must correspond to the following criteria:

 - Warriors roleplay/forum
 - Have a minimum of 3 active members
 - Bear similar, child-friendly policies

Thank you!
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