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Percy Jackson RP 4121-p11

It's Newleaf! Frequent floods and storms and warm breezes reassure the Clans as the last of the icicles finally disappear. Be expectant of much rain, warm weather, and humid air!

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Percy Jackson RP Th10

The Clans have new leaders and a new home after 6 moons of traveling! As they settle in, they're still suspicious of a very troubling prophecy recieved only 2 moons earlier; 'A new dawn may rise, but even the prettiest dawn is destroyed by day.'

Percy Jackson RP

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Percy Jackson RP Empty Percy Jackson RP

Post by Sparrowstar on Tue Feb 25, 2014 11:24 pm

Percy Jackson RP! Roleplay as a demigod and explore Camp Half-Blood. But there's a twist to this story; Luke hasn't exactly 'left'. He is back, and he has come with another titan, but is this new titan more powerful than Cronus himself?

God Parent:
Other Info:

Only 3 children per god please. Only 1 child per major god. Up to 3 characters can be made
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Percy Jackson RP Empty Re: Percy Jackson RP

Post by Maplewhisker on Mon Mar 17, 2014 4:35 pm

Name: Aere
Age: 14 years
God Parent: Athena
Looks: Aere is a tall, ombre-haired girl with piercing blue eyes and wrists filled with bracelets.
Personality: Aere is very sweet and competitive. She will challenge those who oppose her, but also stand up for what is right. She's a good leader and often takes charge when nobody else can.
Origins: Idek her dad is a druggie so she's an all-year demigod
Other Info: No siblings or much background

Aere kicked open the door to the Athena cabin. Celestial arrows gleamed in the sunlight as they were slung around in her quiver. She wore her signature black combat boots with skinny jeans and the normal orange half-blood t-shirt. She walked over to the dummy area, hoping nobody else was there. She hated being shown off in front of Apollo kids, and they're always the only people there.
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Percy Jackson RP Empty Re: Percy Jackson RP

Post by Summersky on Thu Mar 20, 2014 10:15 pm

Name: Kendal
Age: 15 years
God Parent: Apollo
Looks: Lean, blonde and bronzed. Kendal has striking , pointed but beautiful features and emerald amber eyes that fluctuate between amber and green. She has abnormally long legs.
Personality: Kendal is sarcastic and laid-back. Though friendly she often uses rude sarcasm to her advantage. She's a strong leader and will courageously assist those in need, especially on the battlefield.
Origins: ?
Other Info: Archery is this blonde's strongsuit. She's exceptionally indomitable in agility skills and archery combined.

Kendal squinted in the dim sunlight streaming trough the sparse pine trees. Her bow was precisely on point, and even the slightest break in concentration will lead to the unsuccessful of the shot. Her luminescent green eyes were fixated on the small, tiny red dot in the centre of the target. The daughter of Apollo released the string, which triggered a series of tension and concentration to burst through her veins. Of course the arrow's destination was expected; it hit the bullseye. Kendal lowered her bow and smiled. Early morning, solitary archery training was a luxury for her, considering she was normally busy training newbies and battle planning.

She heard the crunching of leaves under the heels of heavy boots pitter-pattering her way. Kendal whipped around, examining the approaching figure. It was Aere.

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Percy Jackson RP Empty Re: Percy Jackson RP

Post by Oakfur on Wed Apr 23, 2014 4:33 am

Name: Gabriel
Age: 16
God parent: Ares
Looks: Gabriel is a lean and muscular teen. He has sandy blond hair that goes back in a wave and brown eyes. Gabriel has olvie colored skin and a strong face.
Personality: A prankster, Gabriel always loves to make trouble and pick a fight once in a while. He loves to spend time with his friends and acts like a regular teenage boy.
Other?: Gabriel uses a bow and a sharp blade. He sometimes switched the blade for a dagger.

Gabriel noched an arrow to his bow and pointed it at the target. His chest moved up and down gracfully as he controlled his breathing and started to feel the air in his lungs. Gabriel opened both his eyes and pulled the bow close to his face and chest. He breathed in one more time and held his breath. Gabriel let go of the string and the arrown flew through the air and embedded itself in the bullseyes. Gabriel smirked and pulled the arrow out of the target. He put the arrow in his quiver and pulled it off his back. Gabriel walked into the Ares cabin and set both the bow and quiver of arrows down on his bunk, then walked back outside. He sighed as he saw Kendal and Aere.

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